In an unprecedented move, Singapore’s Oon & Bazul has made Abdul Malik, a non-lawyer, an equity partner of the firm.

Non-lawyers do not usually join a firm’s equity partnership, with the exception of some patent attorneys and economists, even though regulations in Singapore allow for it. According to media reports, Malik’s addition to the partnership was approved by the Ministry of Law in July. He becomes one of Oon & Bazul’s five equity partners.

Currently general manager and head of business development at Oon & Bazul, Malik previously worked at organisations such as Microsoft, CPA Australia, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the Energy Market Authority of Singapore. He has a strong background in the energy sector, both upstream and downstream, having been a senior principal analyst in the industry development arm of the energy market authority.

At Oon & Bazul, Malik manages a team of 12 professionals who assist him in the financial, information technology, human resources, marketing and business development functions of the firm.


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