ALB Asia’s Top 15 M&A Lawyers 2021

BY Asian Legal Business, Reuters |

Mergers & acquisitions (M&A) plays an instrumental role in shaping the economy. Over the years, M&A deals have expanded both in scale, frequency, and complexity. Given the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on deals execution, the economic uncertainty, coupled with strengthened antitrust laws across jurisdictions, M&A lawyers will have to leverage their skills to navigate these testing times. In this inaugural ranking, we celebrate the top M&A lawyers who demonstrate practical experience and overcome the numerous challenges to complete the deals.

Indonesia Rising Stars 2021

BY Aparna Sai, Asian Legal Business |

Young lawyers in the Indonesian legal community are making their mark in the market. In its third annual list of the ALB Indonesia Rising Stars, Asian Legal Business has listed 24 lawyers who are achieving results for their clients and setting high standards in the Indonesian legal space. The list is in alphabetical order and certain lawyers have been profiled.

Competition in the Crosshairs

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Since Thai merger control regulations came into force in December 2018, the country’s competition authorities have begun to step up their enforcement against misconduct. And last year saw the efforts cranked up a notch.

Rebuilding Relationships

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

With Brexit finally done, the UK and Singapore recently signed a free trade agreement to establish post-Brexit arrangements. Lawyers say the UKSFTA is an important development that will lay the groundwork for more to come.

Showing the Way

BY Ranajit Dam |

In today’s world, general counsel face an ever-increasing demand to manage exponentially more risks, involving greater complexity, in much shorter time frames and with more potential impact on business performance. As expectations upon them evolve, law firm networks are assisting GCs in making their organisations more agile and effective. 

As Asia Data Privacy Laws Get Teeth, Larger Fines Are Expected

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Since Europe’s GDPR came into force more than two years ago, data privacy and protection have become priorities for regulators and businesses across the Asian region. Between 2019 and 2020, a flurry of data privacy laws was developed, with China, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Japan and Hong Kong among those offering new guidelines and requirements. And still, more are expected, now bringing with them the prospect off larger fines than before.

‘We are now opening our doors to foreign lawyers’

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune recently broke ground as the first Japan Big Four law firm to allow foreign lawyers to become equity partners. Atsutoshi Maeda, partner at the firm, recently spoke to ALB about why adaptability is critical for law firms in the country, and more broadly in the region.

FT Article on Hong Kong Arbitration Raises Hackles in City

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Officials and members of Hong Kong’s legal profession have been vexed by a recent Financial Times that reported that international corporations working on deals in Asia – or entering into joint ventures with Chinese and other Asian counterparties – were considering excluding Hong Kong from governing law and arbitration clauses in legal contracts over concerns about the erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Myanmar at the Crossroads, Once Again

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

Less than a decade after it came in from the cold, Myanmar is once more facing the freeze. Since the military forcefully seized power on Feb. 1 over unhappiness with the country’s elections, huge crowds of anti-coup protesters have taken to the streets daily. The crackdown seems to be intensifying, with police opening fire on protesters and threatening further violence.

Big Name, Small Firm

BY Elizabeth Beattie |

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic served as something of a reset when it came to professional priorities. As flexible working grows increasingly normalised, and some firms begin to make employee wellness a top priority, lawyers are also reconsidering their options moving forward. Recruiters and other industry watchers feel that this could be a time for established lawyers to consider lesser-known firms to call home.

Boom Time for Busts

BY Hu Yangxiaoxiao 胡阳潇潇 |

The successive defaults of large companies such as Boashang Bank, Yongmei Group, Huachen Automotive and Tsinghua Unigroup recently sent shockwaves across the market. Restructuring lawyers discuss the defaults, how they feel the Chinese government will ensure orderly bankruptcy proceedings in the future, and how they are preparing for more cases in the coming year.

Ready for Takeoff

BY Ranajit Dam |

This year promises to be an exciting one for Indonesia’s fintech sector. While it still focuses on two main verticals—electronic payment and peer-to-peer (P2P) lending—the Indonesian fintech sector has grown to cover other verticals, such as aggregators, innovative credit scoring, financial planning, and project financing. Lawyers talk about what’s on the horizon for this booming industry.